Gratitiude TheQ

Gratitiude TheQ

Genre : Smooth Contemporary Jazz
  1. All I Do

Album: Gratitude
Artwork/Pictures: Studio Mekka, Montreal Record label: PNP JAZZ Records, Montreal
1. Footprints, Written by Wayne Shorter, 4:20
2. All I Do, Written by Steveland Morris, 4:00
3. Water Sign, Written by Jeff Lobber, 4:35
4. Maputo, Written by Marcus Miller, 5:38
5. Detroit, Written by Marcus Miller, 5:55

Produced & Engineered by Jesse Jaeo Tolbert & TheQ at Studio Mekka, Montreal Quebec.
Live recording at the House of Jazz engineered Lucas Liberatore.
The musicians of the Q are:
Jesse Jaeo Tolbert – Guitar & Background Vocals,
Thomas Harris – Drums,
James Challenger Bass & Vocals,
Giovany Arteaga Valdez Alto & Tenor Saxophones, and
David Ryshpan Piano & Synthesizers. Additional Musicians, Leland Simmons Background Vocals.
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Licensed and distributed by PNP JAZZ Records
Made in Canada

All I Do // TheQ - All I Do
  1. All I Do // TheQ - All I Do