1. Footprints TheQ Gratitude sample
  2. All I Do TheQ Gratitude sample
  3. Water Sign TheQ Gratitude sample
  4. Maputo TheQ Gratitude sample
  5. Detroit TheQ Gratitude sample


Artwork/Pictures: Studio Mekka, Montreal Record label: PNP JAZZ Records, Montreal
1. Footprints, Written by Wayne Shorter, 4:20
2. All I Do, Written by Steveland Morris, 4:00
3. Water Sign, Written by Jeff Lobber, 4:35
4. Maputo, Written by Marcus Miller, 5:38
5. Detroit, Written by Marcus Miller, 5:55

Produced & Engineered by Jesse Jaeo Tolbert & TheQ at Studio Mekka, Montreal Quebec.
Live recording at the House of Jazz engineered Lucas Liberatore.
The musicians of theQ Band are:
Jesse Jaeo Tolbert – Guitar & Background Vocals,
Thomas Harris – Drums,
James Challenger Bass & Vocals,
Giovany Arteaga Valdez Alto & Tenor Saxophones, and
David Ryshpan Piano & Synthesizers. Additional Musicians, Leland Simmons Background Vocals.
© 2015 Icy Jamz ASCAP Copyright notices ©2015 Jesse Jaeo Tolbert and/or TheQ” (P) 2015 Jesse Jaeo Tolbert and/or TheQ”
All rights reserved. Unauthorized duplication is a violation of applicable laws. © 2003-2021 Jeffrey L.
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Licensed and distributed by PNP JAZZ Records
Made in Canada


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Release Date : May 1, 2021
Catalog ref. : TQ10292015
Format : CD

TheQ Band’s debut album, GRATITUDE is an introduction to the many sides of this great band.
This EP combines the influences of Funk, R&B, Blues and Contemporary Jazz. Some may call it Smooth Jazz, but whatever label you want to give it,
the music speaks of a unique style that defines TheQ Band. The first cut from the album Footprints (Wayne Shorter) takes a jazz standard,
and adds some hard funk making it sound as if it were an original of the band.

The second cut “All I DO” originally written and recorded by Stevie Wonder, is another example of TheQ Band’s ability to take a well known
song and making it sound like one of their own.

The remainder of the cuts on this EP are also well known to the Smooth Jazz/Contemporary Jazz or Fuison aficionados including,
“Water Sign” (Jeff Lobber), “Maputo” Marcus Miller and “Detoit” (Marcus Miller).

The performances and the recording quality are stupendeous and will keep you wanting more.

There are other album projects on the horizon that will include original material from TheQ Band. So stay tuned!